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Alec Figueroa

Alec Figueroa

Alec Figueroa

ˈælɪk figɛˈroʊə

neat person
Alec is a forward thinking, mystically bent, spiritualist who utilizes entrepreneurial ventures to further the concepts of our collective experience of reality. He's also a huge nerd.

Alec's Bio

Throughout Alec's professional career, he's always felt a sort of nagging. A nagging to do something other than the status quo. This lead him to pursue many interesting paths, such as coaching gymnastics, helping to start a technology education center, videography, and even collective owl vomit!

It was in his journey as a gymnastics coach that he discovered his love for teaching. He found that as he would watch the students attempt to learn new skills, his brain would fill in the gaps to get them from where they currently were at to where they were trying to get. This skill has translated into much of Alec's professional endeavors. Being able to see the progression of things has been a major strength. His current endeavors include a mind's eye research and coaching brand, a spiritual coaching brand, a breakthrough Virtual reality business project, a spiritual training app, and a blossoming web design agency.

Let's Chat for a Sec...

So I've been thinking a lot about what I want my message to be. What ever would I stand before you and proclaim to you? What would I share with you if nothing else?


After much thought, I've come to this: do what you love.


You are so incredibly unique. Only you can be the you that you can be to this planet. And we need YOU. Not who you think you're supposed to be, just you. In all your passion and pain.

If there is anyway at all that I can encourage the you inside of you that is longing to break out, I absolutely will. 

Much Love,

Alec Figueroa